X Star

The Indie company of Logan Apple

About X Star

X Star is my multimedia company. I make software and games. Purchasable games are found in the web store. In the Arcade, you can find games that are available to play for free!

I now have 7 apps on the app store: Sun Eclipse (and the Lite version), Space Edge (and the Lite version), Wonderjump!, Secret of the Bermuda, and Abscond.

You can view Abscond's microwebsite here.

I am now working on a variety of new projects, including new apps and PC games.

About Me:

 I am 16 years old and I started programming about 5 years ago. I am now focusing my view on PC games! I recently finished my apps collection and now I am working on some big software and gaming projects. I travel a lot and have lived all over the world, but my company is located in Virginia. When I'm not developing, my main focus is school.

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